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23 March, 2007

Simplicity and the art of communication

This year in Italy we supported the second ‘Meet the Media Guru’ seminar organised by MGM Digital Communication and promoted by Forum Net Economy and BlackBerry.

One evening a few days ago, one of Milan’s prestigious centres of culture, the mythical Mediatec, was crowded, queues of people were at the gate all eager to get into the seminar.

A famous ‘guru’ was the reason for the crowds. Hundreds of people, including many from the new networking generation were all wanting to hear John Maeda, a graphic designer, artist and leading professor at MIT media Lab. Famous for making art with computers and a noted collaborator with important tech companies such as Samsung, Toshiba and Sony…

And what were people clamouring to hear: his current thoughts on the concept of simplicity, on which he founded the MIT SIMPLICITY Consortium.

He began by saying: “I am not a media guru, I am a media guy!” He went on to discuss his appreciation of simple and small things, the things that you do everyday, which can become extraordinary. He says that the world is full of fantastic things and he likes to live in it. His approach to life and technology is the Zen way “right is easy and easy is right”.

Thinking about marketing and communications, simplicity sells, look at the iPod and at the BlackBerry. People like things that make their life easier. The key to targeting a market is the creation of strong relationships, underpinned by love: the love of doing things in an easy way. Think also about social networking through blogs, online communities and new media. They are a simple way of communicating: simple things that create big ideas. See YouTube or SecondLife, they are the result of new ways of communicating, and which in a very simple way develop an emotional attachment to a community…and this is what people like…


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