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14 February, 2007

Hotwire at 3GSM - Day Two

Day two of 3GSM and just when we thought it couldn't get any crazier, it did. Today was even busier than yesterday, with the halls and Avenida packed with the great and the good of the mobile industry. We had a fun day catching up with old friends, with a jam packed schedule of media briefings. There were a few sore heads after Jamelia rocked the kick-off party last night and our client parties started in earnest.

Yesterday was all about the hunt for news and today we saw journalists looking for more detail and analysis. We're starting to see the main themes of the show emerge. Everyone's talking about WiFi and dual mode handsets, the debate about content rumbles on, and how to make mobile TV work is a big issue.

It's amazing how global 3GSM really is - we've spent the day talking to journalists from India, Japan, South Africa, Israel, South America and pretty much anywhere you can think of. The countries may be different, but the issues are pretty similar.

This year Barcelona feels like a more established venue, and some of last year's teething troubles have been ironed out. But despite that, and despite the industry news and debate that's going on, the state of our feet, the lunch queues and the bocadillos tortilla (as well as where we are drinking tonight) remain our key concerns.


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